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Peach Banal


A little about Peach

Meet Peach, our exceptional Office Administrator with a wealth of experience in real estate. With a background as a Property Manager Administrator, specialising in leasing in the Northern Territory, Peach has developed a keen expertise in delivering top-notch customer service and managing our day-to-day office operations.

As an integral member of the esteemed Paragon team, Peach takes on the crucial role of being the first point of contact for clients. Their ability to handle complex enquiries with ease ensures that our clients receive the highest levels of service possible. Peach is also a valuable supporter of both the sales and property management teams, providing invaluable assistance that enables them to operate at peak efficiency.

What sets Peach apart is their outstanding attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and ability to work well under pressure. They are a natural team player and an asset to any organisation.

Driven by a passion for law and a newfound fondness for real estate, Peach has set their sights on a career in estate law. One day, they are eager to utilise their extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate industry to make a significant impact in the legal field. With a strong work ethic, unwavering dedication, and a keen eye for detail, Peach is well-equipped to excel in any professional environment. We are thrilled to have them on our team at Paragon.


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