Traditionally the number of sales and listings fall in Winter, with Autumn and Spring the busy periods.

So, if you’re thinking of selling now does this mean you should hold off until Spring?

Not at all! Don’t let the cold and wet weather deter you, Winter can be a great time to sell. Here’s why.

Less competition

With fewer homes on the market during the Winter months your home will face less competition. It will be easier to make it stand out from the crowd and attract buyers’ attention.

More serious buyers

While buyer activity usually decreases during Winter, those searching for a home tend to be highly motivated and serious about their purchase.

Whether they’re moving due to a job relocation, the addition of a new family member or another life event, these buyers often have a deadline and will be more inclined to make an offer regardless of the season.

Faster approvals and processing times

With fewer transactions during the Winter months, sales may proceed more quickly. Conveyancers, banks, mortgage brokers, and inspectors are likely to have a lower volume of work, making it easier to get an appointment, saving you time and ensuring the process is as simple as possible.

How do you make your property a Winter winner?

Firstly, attend to any maintenance issues like leaks in the alfresco area or gutters; you don’t want a minor flood or constant drips during a home open.

Take a different approach to presentation and showcase the features that make your home a warm and welcoming haven from the cold and wet outside.

If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s blazing for the photos and home opens. Similarly make sure the promotional spiel mentions features like underfloor heating, reverse-cycle air conditioning and heated towel rails.

Highlight theatre rooms and reading nooks, places where buyers can relax and be entertained indoors. If you have a bath, dress up the bathroom and present it as a place to unwind in warmth and comfort.

And speaking of outside, alfresco areas often take centre stage during Spring and Summer, however they may not look as appealing in Winter. But if you have café blinds and heaters you can still show them off as a wonderful place to entertain all year round. Covered outdoor areas can also be presented as great places for children to play when it’s raining.

Spas and saunas are other excellent features to showcase during the colder months.

Gardens may not be as lush during Winter, but they can still look good. Having your photos taken just after the rain can be a perfect time to display your garden, with the lightly dampened plants glistening in your property listing.

Finally, prepare for bad weather at the home open. It may be pouring with rain as buyers arrive so have a place to put umbrellas near the front door and make sure you have mats for people to wipe their feet.

Sourced from REIWA