According to the Oxford Dictionary, a trend is, “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.” More than ever in the world of interiors, we are looking at interior design trends for 2022 in this sense, rather than simply as, “a fashion.” Like it or not, the past twelve to eighteen months have forced a change in behaviour that was only slowly emerging – focusing on nurturing, comfort, and calm.


The growing aversion to fast fashion translates to the home too, with a marked move away from quick wins and cheap, mass-produced homewares to furnishing and decorating our homes for a lifetime, not just a lifestyle. “People are keen to invest in timeless, beautiful quality items now more than ever,” says interiors stylist and founder of Chelon Design, Fiona Gould. “We’re also embracing vintage pieces. It’s all about treasured investments that tell a story and make a home unique, rather than fast furniture.”


With over a year of watching events unfold in the northern hemisphere, perhaps it’s not surprising that many home trends for 2022 carry a European influence – colours, lifestyle and entertaining are all reflecting a particularly Mediterranean aesthetic and, coupled with our climate and newfound yearning for freedom, things look set to remain outdoors.




Colour trends for 2022 also reflect our need to be close to nature, ranging from Eucalyptus and olive greens to ocre and clay browns. Even darker colours are set to make a comeback in timbers. “For years American Oak and Tasmanian Oak has dominated interiors, so I am excited to see if darker timbers make their way into 2022,” says Director/Founder of Folk Studio, Mariah Madder.


It doesn’t stop at flooring either. According to Fiona, brown is the new black. “Especially caramel, tan and chocolate browns combined with soft creams,” she suggests. “I’m also loving brown on brown, it’s unexpected and beautifully retro.”


If bold colours resonate with you, they’re on their way, but for now, use them in limited amounts. “Small hints of bold primary colours such as blue, yellow and red are being introduced in a sophisticated, very simple way,” says Fiona. “Think more classic Mediterranean than Bauhaus.”


Co-Founder of Carlotta + Gee Georgina Cavanagh agrees, suggesting starting with table settings. “Ochre and aqua are on trend this spring to brighten the table – they are very fresh and have a Mediterranean feel,” she says.




Reflecting our need for getting life back on the straight and narrow, design trends for 2022 is all about geometrics and symmetry. Slim lines are everywhere, with the use of reeded glass expanding into kitchen cabinetry, room dividers, windows, and doors.

Tiles too are becoming more obviously geometric, with the linear finger mosaics, or “kit kat” tiles featuring in kitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls and wrapping themselves around curved feature walls.




Ceilings inside homes are trending to reach breathtaking heights and those walls of glass let in light, but must be insulated against heat, cold and prying eyes. Enter the sheer curtain. Or re-enter we should say, as it’s not a new trend. It’s also not slubby clotted cream colours from your mother’s “good room”, but contemporary, gossamer-light swathes of goodness to shield what’s unwanted and diffuse the light beautifully.




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