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Annie Owillah

Property Manager

A little about Annie

Annie’s real estate journey began in her home country Kenya where she undertook a Bachelor of Real Estate. She got into the market as both a Property Valuer and Manager, specialising in both commercial and residential property. After several years in the industry, Annie decided to move to Perth, Western Australia where she then pursued a Master of Business Administration. At the same time, she got into Hospitality Management and took part in leading different teams, most recently being at one of the Business Lounges at Perth International Airport.

Annie has now come full circle back to her first love- real estate! She is very excited to be joining the team at Paragon Property and looks forward to impacting the masses and enhancing her Client’s experience. Annie is very passionate about the built environment and is well informed on the property market locally. Annie loves meeting new people and making new connections and has a very distinct laugh.

On a day off, Annie loves spending time outdoors with her family, enjoying some coffee while her daughter runs around making friends with everyone. Catch Annie with a glass of good red wine and a good TV show or a great biography unwinding after a long day. Annie is also a strong believer in self-care and enjoys a nice mani and pedi or a good gym session to take care of her head space.


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