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Stacey Kouroulis

Director of Property Management

A little about Stacey

Stacey has enjoyed the fast paced world of Property Management for many years, the past 20 of which she has run the widely regarded Property Management division at Paragon Property. Being a business owner, she has a vested interest to make certain that the Property Management of your property is a smooth and hassle free process.

Running a team of highly motivated Property Managers plus support staff, Stacey is here to ensure that each member of our team gives our clients the time and quality of service they deserve. She has the pleasure of meeting new clients and introducing them to the benefits of having their special investment managed by one of our expert Property Managers at Paragon. Being an investment owner herself, Stacey understands the absolute need for a top quality Property Manager to protect her interests and as such has recruited an amazing team of Property Managers, designed to ensure that the clients at Paragon have an excellent experience.

Career wise she has been noted for her commitment to Property Management, being recognised as the Number 1 Property Manager in the state for 4 years in a row for the former Roy Weston Group and has also featured on the 6PR property program. Her business development skills have seen the Property Management division at Paragon grow year after year, illustrating how many owner clients see a value in what she and the team at Paragon Property have to offer.

Stacey is able to appraise your investment and advise you on how to maximise returns whilst limiting risk to ensure that your property is smoothly expedited through the marketing, leasing and management process. She is available to help with any of your investment needs, so call or email her today for a no obligation chat.


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