Self managing your investment property – Is the juice worth the squeeze?

With the cost of living continuing to skyrocket, it’s no surprise that many of us seek ways to save money. A noticeable trend among property owners is the inclination to self-manage their properties or, at the very least, engage an agent solely for tenant placement before taking on management responsibilities. While the idea of savingRead more

Well they are finally here…

Rent bidding ban – likely to start May 2024 A tenant cannot be pressured into paying more money to help them secure an available rental property. Landlords or agents: Must advertise properties at a set amount. For example: ‘$425 per week’ not ‘offers between $400 and $500 per week’. Must not encourage a potential tenantRead more

If the rental market is so hot right now, then why is my property taking so long to lease?

I received a call this month from an owner of a property looking for my advice, concerned that their rental property which has been on the market for about 6 weeks with another agent had not gained much interest. The owners were understandably frustrated with their current agent but also perplexed. With demand for rentalRead more

The Blame Game

This week I came across a story that was covered on multiple major news platforms where a Sydney renter takes her TikTok followers on a tour of the studio apartment, she pays $500 a week for. This apartment, according to all the headlines was sparking outrage! I saw another story about a Melbourne CBD apartmentRead more

Leasing 1:01

Last week our amazing leasing agent took some much-deserved time off. While Vicky was at home with her feet up binge-watching Dr Phil, yours truly put his hand up to cover her role. If you are not in the industry there is every chance that you are not aware of the key role a leasingRead more

Rental offers. Yay or Nay ?

I have noticed a growing trend amongst some agencies to list their rental properties asking for offers over a certain price or offers…

They Say Change is Coming

Back in 2019 Consumer protection WA started the “Your house My home” initiative and asked renters to have their say in the review of residential tenancy laws. It has been over ten years since this legislation has been reviewed and with the cost of housing increasing and more people staying in rental accommodation for longer, theyRead more

5 reasons to hire a property manager

If you own one or even more investment properties, there are benefits to employing a qualified property manager to take care of your assets and who will ensure that the essential areas are taken care of. A good property manager will take the potential stress away from you when it comes to management of theRead more

My property isn’t renting…help!

I was contacted this week by an owner seeking advice as her property had been on the market for a few weeks with little interest. She was starting to have some concerns about whether her agent was doing all they could to secure new tenants. Said Landlord explained that her property was worth $600 perRead more

Your guide to getting that rental

Top tips for renter success Making sure your essential documentation is in place is an ideal start. You will need primary forms of identification, which have a photo ID when applying. These include a valid driver’s licence, passport and a Keypass or other official proof of age. You may also be required to produce secondaryRead more

How to Attract Great Tenants

If you have been an owner of an investment property for any period of time, then you will understand that good long-term tenants are worth their weight in gold! Good tenants do more than just pay rent on time, they care for your property like it was their own and give you great peace ofRead more

Why get an agent to manage your investment property

Making sure your investment property is properly managed and protected is paramount to the investor. Appreciation and profitability go hand in hand towards ensuring that your investment enhances wealth creation and provides security for this generation and the next. It is important to compare and contrast the most desirable qualities of property management. This isRead more

What could possibly go wrong?

Even In the shadow of this never-ending pandemic and the current threat of global conflicts, Australia’s real estate market has continued to puff away on an uphill trajectory like the little engine that could. While crypto and NFTs (still not too sure what those are) may be the current investment fad of the day, thereRead more

What you need to know before privately managing your property.

I have met investors over the years that have managed their own properties without issue. This is great, but the thing that has always perplexed me though is why they would bother to do it themselves at all. Having spent years in property management in Melbourne and Perth I know firsthand the work that is involved inRead more

Here are my top tops tips for tenants to stand out in a crowded rental market.

If you are in the market for a rental property, then you will understand the market in Perth is extremely tough for tenants right now. This week we had a record of 95 people registering to inspect a single property! With so many tenants competing for so few properties, people are missing out and becoming increasingly frustratedRead more

Top 4 Tips for Selecting a Quality Property Management Agency

I have said before that when investors are making enquiries about property management services, the first thing they usually want to speak about are fees. I believe this is because there is an unfortunate misconception that all property management agencies are the same and so they look at the cost as the deciding factor when appointing aRead more