Perth property market becoming a buyer’s dream.
The WA property market is fast becoming a buyer’s dream. With recent changes to the First Home Owners Grant and house prices sitting at affordable levels, now is the perfect time for potential buyers to jump onto the property ladder.

Ruth Hatherley – sales and marketing manager at the Perth branch of Mortgage Choice said:
“Over the last 12 months, property values in Perth have fallen by 4.3%, according to new research by Core Logic,” Ms Hatherley said.
“In addition, interest rates are sitting at near-record lows, meaning the cost of borrowing is now more affordable than it has been in a long time. And while now really is a great time to be a property buyer, if you haven’t purchased property before or haven’t bought in a long time, the whole process can seem somewhat overwhelming.”

From knowing how much money you need to have as a property deposit, to understanding the actual process of buying, Ms Hatherley said there are a lot of steps involved in buying property.

“A lot of Australian lenders have made changes to their policies and pricing in recent months, which can make the buying process even more confusing. It is for this reason that it pays to deal with an expert, like a mortgage broker. They can help you with all of your property needs and make sure you are in the right financial product for your unique set of circumstances.”

Source: Voice Newspapers / Mortgage Choice