Is solar right for my home

Solar PV for the home is a hot topic among Western Australians. Perth receives around 300 days of sunshine per year which makes the renewable energy source appear favourable- however it is important for customers to first know the facts to ensure solar is the right energy solution for their home.

For example, did you know that you can’t install solar panels to face south? This, plus a number of other environmental factors can have an impact on how much energy your solar panels produce throughout the year.

Check out the below considerations and tips thanks to WA energy provider, Synergy.


It is recommended that your solar panels have a minimum tilt of 10° so the rain can take care of keeping them clean. Most Australian homes have a roof pitch of 20° to 30°.

If your roof’s slope is not ideal, your accredited installer can design an appropriate mounting frame to correct the orientation and elevation of your solar panels.


Not surprisingly, solar panels are most effective when they are pointed directly at the sun. In WA, this means they should face north.

The direction your panels face will often have a greater impact on the energy they product than the angle they’re tilted at.


The amount of energy produced by a panel is directly related to the amount of energy it receives from the sun, it is important to have your panels installed so they receive maximum sunlight.

Your accredited installer should be able to tell you the average amount of energy that could be generated by your solar panels.

Shading and dirt

Avoid shaded areas and keep them free from dust and dirt. Even a small amount of shade, from things like trees, roof ventilators or antennas will greatly reduce the amount of energy your panels produce.

Shading or dirt on just one of the cells in a solar panel will cause loss of power from a number of cells, not just the one that is shaded.


The amount of electricity your solar PV panel generates is reduced as it gets hotter.

Solar panels operate best at temperatures of up to 25°C and as the temperature rises, the panel’s electricity production decreases.

Fast Fact: The uptake of solar PV for the home has been exponential in WA. In fact, more than 20% of Synergy customers have already installed solar PV for the home! To see why solar PV is so popular, and to see how much you could save, check out Synergy’s SolarReturn calculator.

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