Neighbourhood Watch is the largest community crime prevention program in the world that aims to bring neighbours together to reduce crime and make communities safer.

What is Neighbourhood Watch? 

Neighbourhood Watch’s new philosophy is simple. It’s based on creating a local network of neighbours who help each other, keep an eye on communal spaces and their immediate environment and report all suspicious and criminal activity to the Police.  Everyone that lives in a community should be contributing towards a safe and caring environment and that begins by getting to know their neighbours and being familiar with their surroundings.


The aim is to emphasise the lifestyle advantages of Neighbourhood Watch. Through active participation, Neighbourhood Watch can help everyone make their neighbourhood a place that is a safe, caring and friendly place to live and where people feel they belong.

Get involved

Contact Neighbourhood Watch on 08 9222 1513 or to receive Knock Knock cards, magnets and other resources to share with your neighbours.