The beginning of a fresh new year is synonymous with renewal and change, and this same notion also applies when it comes to our homes. It’s the opportunity to leave behind what no longer inspires us, in order to make way for all things new. So for those looking to get a head start, we talked to some experts in regards to the home trends they are predicting, for the living room in particular, come 2019.

A focus on wellbeing

Becoming more health and wellbeing conscious is always at the forefront of our minds whenever a new year rolls around. And as we aim to not only repair from within but also redesign our home surroundings, Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr suggests we should first consider the power of paint.

“Colour, indeed, holds the power to greatly change our mood. As such our Wholeself palette will inspire the chance to stop, breathe and simply be in the moment,” says Lucena-Orr

Feel-good furniture

Given the abundance nowadays of available local artisans, who focus on a holistic approach when it comes to furniture design, interior design manager of Coco Republic QLD Laure Bebbington says the act of choosing more sustainable and natural fibres for our furniture will be greatly in favour.

“Larger pieces of furniture will be more minimal, with a focus on relaxed pieces, less clutter and lines — translating through the quality of workmanship and embracing the slower life,” says Bebbington.

“The focus with this growing trend is handmade and natural as people will seek to invest in more bespoke, one-off pieces that have a story or create an emotional connection through good design and high-quality finishes.”

Colours inspired by nature
As our everyday lives become more and more connected to the digital world, our desire to bring more natural tones into the spaces in which we live continues to grow.

Perhaps this is a telling sign that people will always be drawn to what grounds us most, such as bringing more of the colours we come across on the outside in. Lucena-Orr recommends testing colours in the living room from the Dulux Repair palette, such as Cinnamon Sand, Cornstalk, and Cobbler, as they are the types of hues we see frequently in our natural surrounds.

“Often these earthy colours make us feel at ease and relaxed, inspiring us to repair our relationship with nature and embrace a more ‘circular’ way of living,” she says.

“These colours are also quite timeless, which means they are versatile when it comes to decorating.”

Indoor plant trend will grow

The past few years have seen an incredible resurgence in the popularity of indoor plants.

Both aesthetically and from a wellbeing perspective, people are becoming more aware of the way in which indoor plants can enhance our spaces. For these reasons, Lauren Camilleri from Leaf Supply notes that the indoor plant trend will only continue to grow in 2019.

“For so many of us living in urban, often small, environments, having that everyday connection to nature and greenery can make a huge difference,” says Camilleri.

“The living room, in particular, is often one of the most utilised spaces in our home, so having greenery in this space where we spend a lot of time is really important.

“We’re also big believers that surrounding yourself with indoor plants can help promote productivity and creativity, as well as be incredibly rewarding when you’re able to nurture happy and healthy plants. The benefits really do go on.”

Storytelling items
Trends aside, there is no doubt that people will always be drawn to bringing their own unique and personal touch to a living room – such as framed photographs of loved ones, a personal collection of items, or textures and colours that inspire fond memories.

“When we work with interior design clients, we really encourage them to introduce pieces that are sentimental to them as it’s important to form that emotional connection with the space, which then allows the client to make a space truly their own,” Bebbington says.

“People want to work with gathered objects that have been collected as a result of experiences, as it’s a form of storytelling as to who they are and how they live their life.

“Adding items collected through travel, coffee table books, photos and art, are all great examples of how you can layer and personalise your living room.”

Show your true colours

Lucena-Orr says paint can play a big role in expressing your real self throughout the living room, where rules and conventions are thrown out the window, freeing you up to experiment with a bold and individualistic vision.

“When it comes to our Dulux Identity palette, anything goes. This collection of vibrant and bright tones, such as Apricot Fool, Mitchell Blue, and Strong Strawberry, all empower us to be brave and confident and to flaunt the fabulous, colourful quirks and flaws that make us who we are,” she says.

“And remember you don’t need such colours on every wall to make a daring and adventurous statement, instead you can experiment with the smaller, architectural details, applying a colour that will transform them into an impactful feature.”


Source: Domain Living