Moving house is stressful enough at the best of times. You’ve got so much to think about when it comes to packing, moving, unpacking and settling into your new home.
Without careful planning, things could easily go wrong and the last thing you want is chaos on your moving day. With some forethought and clear organisation, you can ensure that you avoid these common moving house fails.

Not sorting your possessions
One of the first things you need to do when you’ve decided to move house is sort through all your possessions. You’ve more than likely accumulated so much stuff (and dare we say it – junk!) since you last moved so going through it all will help you decide what you really want to keep and what can be sold, passed on, or donated to charity.

Moving things you don’t actually want or need will mean either more work for you (if you DIY) or a higher cost (if you are using professional removalists).

Not using specific labels
Labelling your boxes is crucial. Not only does it help your removalists know where things should go in your new home, but it also helps you find things when you need them in a hurry. Don’t just label them with the room name either. If you’re looking for your dinner plates and you’ve got 10 boxes that all say kitchen, it could take you ages to sort through them all. If you can’t write all the contents on the boxes, consider numbering your boxes and keeping a separate inventory with all the contents of each box noted.

Packing procrastination
Just because you avoid your packing, doesn’t mean it won’t have to be done! If you hate packing, try packing a couple of boxes everyday so it’s not such an overwhelming task. When the removalists turn up, you need to be ready to go, not packing your last few boxes up.

Not using the right packing materials
Packing and packing properly are two very different things. Use appropriate packaging for your items. Not only will it save you time but it will also keep them as safe as possible while they are in transit.

Forgetting to redirect your mail
After your move, the last thing you want to worry about is someone getting hold of your mail at your old address. You can easily set up a mail redirect with Australia Post to ensure you have some time up your sleeve to update your details to your new address (more on that below!). You can even set it up online which means one less trip to worry about. Redirect your mail online now.

Overlooking all your address updates
There are so many addresses you’ll need to update when you move home, and services to connect and disconnect.  Make a list of everything you can remember and try to update them in advance of your move (where possible) so nothing is missed. 

These include things like utilities, bank accounts, driving license, doctors, schools, insurances, mobile phones, and your superannuation. Remember to take final readings when you have vacated your old home, and take new readings when you arrive at your new property.

Not thinking about your pet

Pets are important members of your family too. Don’t forget to plan how you’re going to get them from your old home to your new one. Also, make sure they aren’t going to get under your removalists feet or escape while you are busy moving things out of your home.

Create a safe space for them, either in the back garden or in a secure area of the house, with plenty of access to their usual food and water. Also consider how they will settle in at their new home and make sure it is secure as well so they can’t make an escape!

Not planning for your first meal in your new home
When you’ve had a hectic day of moving home, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is trying to find enough kitchen equipment and ingredients to cook a meal. Make a plan in advance for your first meal in your new home – will you go out for dinner, grab a quick take away or pack some simple ingredients and essential cooking items to whip up an easy homemade meal?

Poor lifting techniques
Waking up on your first morning in your new home with backache is not something you want to experience. Make sure you’re employing good lifting techniques (straight back, bent knees, and no twisting) to avoid back and muscle pains during and after your move.

Packing a box of essentials
Always keep a box aside for all your essentials – things you will pack at the absolute last minute and will need almost as soon as you arrive at your new home. This could include: Toilet paper, soap, toiletries, toothbrushes, a dishcloth, kettle, toaster, tea, coffee, snacks, craft knife/scissors for opening boxes and whatever else you consider essential!


Source: Alinta Energy